Artist, Figure Painter, Professor

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Paul Moscatt   \"Hee-Seung Playing the Cello\"   . Watercolor, 2003
\"Ann Sophie Posing With Mandolin\" by Paul Moscatt, oil on canvas
 Ann Sophie performing on a guitar during a garden party by candle light
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\"Sleep Over\" 2001, Oil on wood (four panels) 78\' x 96\' (approx) by Paul Moscatt
The gallery visit was on January 17th, 2002 during the Four at Resurgam exhibition
Resurgam Gallery, South Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland.
Bill Tamburino (left) Paul Moscatt (Middle), and Churchill Davenport (right)
and Paul Moscatt (center) in front of \"Sleep Over\"
An Introduction to the Blue Grass Primitives
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